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Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis, credit Rhys Frampton

The Haymarket
Wednesday 1 November 2023

Hollywood actor Damian Lewis brings his first-ever music tour, in support of his brand-new album Mission Creep, to The Haymarket.

Lewis' music debut is a thoughtful collection of rootsy, rock, and jazz-tinged songs that reveals a deep love of music, and a deeper need to communicate.

After leaving school, he took to the road with his guitar and went busking through continental Europe. Acting, of course, took over and took off. Lewis kept his hand in, playing the odd wrap party as part of a scratch band, but the idea of actually making a record only came to him during Lockdown. With the time and space away from a busy acting schedule, the star was able to throw himself into playing and writing songs.

Damian was taken back to the time he played the guitar every day, but with the additional maturity and experience that an eventful life has given him. Meeting and then teaming up with American jazz musician Giacomo Smith inspired Lewis to start playing his own songs in public. Smith introduced Damian to some of the musicians from the much-revered Kansas Smitty’s House Band, with whom he immediately jelled – in the studio and on stage.

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