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Development Workshop: How to develop change in your business

In an open and trusted environment, with 15 business leaders, to work through Evolve’s Change Management workbook, this workbook will help you understand the Change Management process and as a result be in a position to improve the implementation of change in your company, thereby enabling more efficient and effective growth, development and innovation.

Hosted by Steve Jones – a business and motivational leadership trainer, mentor, author, speaker and coach.

Discuss and listen to the challenges and success of other business leaders, discuss how your working life has changed, how you and your business have managed.

The morning includes;

  • Arrival and networking, tea & coffee
  • Catch up in a peer to peer environment
  • Individuals discuss the good, bad and mad of their past 4 weeks
  • Group discusses any questions for individuals
  • Evolve coaching & development session, Change Management
  • Create your goals and plans for the next 4 weeks

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