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Holiday Inn presents: Death at Hockton Hall

Holiday Inn   
26 Octover 2024 
Tickets: £59.00 – 3 Course for 1 guest. £134.00 - 3 Course for 1 guest + Bed & Breakfast. £193.00 - 3 Course for 2 Guests + Bed & Breakfast.

Guests will be treated to a delicious 3-course meal and a mystery hunt, where they can fully immerse themselves in the interactive investigation.

All we know is a journal has been found in the cellars of Hockton Hall and it apparently details the chilling account of one man’s hunt for a Vampire. Written many years ago the find has caused a lot of excitement.

Kelvin Smith a noted parapsychologist is the guest of honour tonight at a special dinner of paranormal investigators where no doubt the main topic of discussion will be the journal. Should Kelvin be careful of what he says and who he speaks to? What are the causes of the mysterious deaths at Hockton Hall?

Optional Costume Encouraged –Ghosts, Vampires & hunters! 

Are you brave enough to face the hunt? Contact to secure your tickets!