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Knight Time

Knight Time © Chuck Douglas Photography

Proteus Creation Space
Saturday 3 to Sunday 11 August   
10am / 11:30am / 2pm 

The much-loved Scratch Built x Proteus Summer Show returns for 2024 with KNIGHT TIME a
magical medieval adventure where you will be whisked away to faraway lands full of
enchantment, with stories of friendship and bravery.

The audience will be part of the interactive theatre show, which is brimming with Scratch Built’s
trademark mix of magical storytelling, hilarious characters and gorgeous puppetry. Follow the
tale around the Creation Space and find out if you have what it takes to become a real knight.

Audiences are invited to enjoy a stay and play in the ‘Knights of the Realm room’, sponsored by Lamb Brookes, after the show. Here, children can design and make their own coat of arms to be displayed in a gallery and take part in other fun ‘Knight Trial’ and medieval-style games. 

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