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Musical Bingo - Halloween Edition

Musical Bingo - Halloween edition with Miss Becky Boobala
Proteus Creation Space
Friday 20 October 2023 from 8.30pm

To start off this season, we return with a cult classic, a dazzling woman who is the definition of hostess with the mostess, a proper crowd pleaser… Yes, we heard you shout it at the back. MUSICAL BINGO! But make it spooky. Yes, Miss Becky Boobala returns for another night of nonsense, music and dancing in Musical Bingo - Halloween Edition. Fancy dress is always encouraged by Miss Boobala, but for Halloween, the boss wants to see some real efforts. (There might even be a prize.) Now, if you have never been to a Musical Bingo night then let me fill you in. Its basically your standard game of bingo but rather than numbers, youre listening out for songs, and instead of everyone staying nicely seated so you can hear the caller, everyone is dancing and singing and having a cocktail or four. Got it? Great! Join Miss Becky Boobala on Friday 20th October, the bar opens at 7pm and the fun begins at 8pm!