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The Bonkers Balloon Science Show

The Bonkers Balloon Science Show

Proteus Creation Space
Thursday 1st June
Performance times: 11.30am | 3.00pm

Becky Balloonatic loves balloons and she want to show you just how much you can learn from these humble globes of latex!

The Balloon Science Show is full of thrills and spills, pops and bangs. The audience will help set up experiments and make lots of predictions on what they think might happen!

This balloon science extravaganza will demystify Atoms, Molecules and Polymers and answer the big questions such as, “When you make a balloon kebab, why doesn’t it explode?”

You will never look at the humble balloon in the same way again and you’ll even learn how to create your very own balloon dog.

Ticket and Booking Information

Tickets £11 per person including booking fee. All attendees require a valid ticket.
Suitable for ages 5-11, (guidance only)

 To book tickets visit the Proteus website.