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The Christmas Switch

Ooops! Someone has accidentally switched off the Christmas switch and now there is no more magic!

The problem is, no-one quite knows where the switch is hidden, but without magic, how will the elves make sure everything is ready in time for Christmas day?

The elves need your help.

Join Proteus on a festive adventure where your family are at the heart of the story and help make sure the Christmas switch is turned back on.

Proteus's yearly Christmas show, created in partnership with Scratchbuilt Productions, is a magical and immersive theatre experience. Audiences travel around the Creation Space arts centre with the story, each room transformed into an enchanting Christmassy scene, full of wonder.

A guaranteed memory-making theatre experience for the whole family.

Dates and times

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th December 11.00am | 2pm | 3.30pm
Thursday 15th & Friday 16th December 11.00am | 2pm | 4.30pm
Saturday 17th – Saturday 24th December 11.00am | 2pm | 3.30pm

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