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Whitchurch Folk Festival

Saturday 11 May   
10am - 11pm 

The Whitchurch Folk Festival extends beyond the music stages, offering a comprehensive experience of the town's rich heritage and contemporary vibrancy. It incorporates a free Children’s Folk Festival and a Fringe Festival, creating a welcoming environment for attendees of all ages and interests.

The line-up for the festival is nothing short of stellar, featuring some of Britain's most acclaimed folk artists, including Jackie Oates, Sam Sweeney, Ellie Gowers, Nick Hart & Tom Moore. Dance performances will be a highlight as well, with appearances by renowned Morris dance groups such as Boss Morris, Bampton Morris, the Winchester Morris Men and the newly-minted Whitchurch side, Mayfly Morris, ensuring a celebration that's as visually enthralling as it is musically enriching.

For those interested in being a part of this memorable occasion, tickets and further details are available at: