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3 ways to improve your communications with customers

Meet Louise, a local creative communications specialist who champions businesses to promote who they are and what they do!

A bit about me

Starting out as a TV and radio broadcaster with the BBC and corporate clients, Louise has worked in different industries and sectors with organisations, entrepreneurs and businesses delivering communications. Louise is a self-confessed passionate cook, baker, travel enthusiast and music lover! She was born and raised in Reading from Caribbean-Barbadian parentage and moved to Basingstoke a year ago. Louise can often be found cooking and eating out, laughing at comedy, and taking part in box fit sessions.

Louise's business background

As a media and communications specialist with over 20 years’ experience working in the media, marketing, and PR industry Louise had a lightbulb moment this year. Why not write and create a downloadable and interactive toolkit for solopreneurs, leaders, and small businesses to create their own PR and marketing? In these uncertain and challenging times, it’s all about giving small ventures a boost and a strong voice in competitive markets. Plus, the aim is to improve how stories are told, enhance a brand image, and attract customers to boost sales.

The Find your Stride toolkit was born, allowing Louise to share her expertise and know-how with local businesses who may be feeling stuck and needing some inspiration.

Louise's links with Basingstoke and Deane

As a Basingstoke-based business, Louise is an avid supporter of Love Basingstoke and all the great work they do to endorse and support businesses who need guidance. She enjoys meeting and talking with local businesses to understand how she can support them to use marketing and PR techniques to their advantage. She's currently supporting members of the newly formed BSI (Basingstoke Success Initiative) to educate and engage using entrepreneurial conversations and actions.

So, here’s 3 ways to improve your communications with customer

1. Plan:

We can only control the things that we can influence. So, take some time to create a communications plan for the year.

  • Audience: familiarise yourself with your audience. or customer - who are they, what are their main questions now and what do they need to know from you and your business?
  • What platforms will you use: what are the best platforms to reach out to your audience? If you use social media which ones are most effective? Email newsletters, Google advertising, and more are all available but decide where you will focus your efforts and budgets to communicate your updates.
  • What do you want to say: consider your tone and messages that you want to share. Perhaps you want to remind your customers that your services are still available online, or you are counting down to an exciting product launch.

 2. Create a website that reflects your business

A website gives you credibility – it clearly tells people about your business and what you offer as a service or product. Ensure your website is optimised to give clear and accurate information. Your website is your virtual window, and you only get one chance to make a good impression, so it is important to get it right.

  • Think about the purpose of the website – is it displaying information or are you selling products?
  • Who are you selling to – do you know the demographic of your customer and what they truly want?
  • What information does your customer need to know from you?
  • What are you selling and how is it available?
  • Do you want to include instant chat options and a phone call service so people can ask questions?

 3. Get interactive:

It’s important to be an ambassador for your business and that includes interacting with people. If you’re unable to do it in person, the virtual world gives us a chance to connect. How you choose to do that is up to you but do not forget the importance of networking, connecting, and speaking to your customers to remind customers about the personality behind the business:

  • Go live and do a video to update your customers so they get to know you
  • Host a virtual coffee catch up for fun
  • Do a live Q&A to answer questions about your services or products
  • Create a live story of your day on social media
  • Create a watch party for an interactive experience

Find out about the PR and marketing creative inspiration toolkit aimed at organisations, charities, and freelancers. Written and created by Louise, with templates and worksheets, you can learn how to use PR and marketing to promote your work and services.

Keep in touch with Louise
Insta: @findyourstridetoolkituk
Facebook: @FYSbusinesstoolkit
Twitter: @Chandlerlou

Guest blog from Louise, Find your Stride, February 2023

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