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Basingstoke Community Wardrobe

Basingstoke Community Wardrobe has arrived!

This innovative new project for the Basingstoke area is a part of Viables Community Association’s service to the community. The aims of the wardrobe are to help prevent and reduce waste and to provide affordable used but good condition clothes. Everyone is feeling the pinch of the current economic climate, so what better way to start reducing costs than to swap out your clothes for new ones?!

The wardrobe is being supported by volunteers and is situated at the Roger Morris Community Centre at Eastrop. The opening times are hoping to increase but will currently be set to Monday to Friday, 10am to 12noon. 

Items can be donated (in good clean condition,) swapped for like for like type items, or purchased for a small fee/donation.

Now open, this is a great place to pick up a bargain and do your bit for reducing waste!

Blog supplied by Viables Community Association
May 2022

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