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Go net zero with the Basingstoke and Deane Green Team

From individuals to businesses, all of us in Basingstoke and Deane can cut our carbon to do our bit for the planet.

A particularly great way for companies to be more competitive and profitable, as well as to appeal to more environmentally conscious consumers, is to promote how they’re making their business greener and growing their environmental credentials.

The six carbon-busting specialists in our local Green Team can help your business to go greener. Keep reading to meet the team members and find out how.

Basingstoke and Deane Green Team

So, tell us a bit about the Green Team

Green Team Leader Antonia says: “Launched by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council earlier this year, my carbon-busting team is one of the first of its kind in the country and we’re here to help everybody take action to tackle the climate crisis.

“Through appointments, events and taking to the streets of the borough, we help local small to medium-sized businesses, as well as residents, to become more sustainable and play their part for a greener Basingstoke and Deane.”

What does the team want to achieve?

Sustainability Advisor Michelle says: “We know local businesses are keen to go green but the pressures of day-to-day tasks, making sales and managing overhead costs mean so many of them are short on time and struggle to find clear advice and guidance on becoming more sustainable.

“Our aim is to offer the extra support they need to go greener as they achieve the other benefits that go along with that, becoming more competitive and profitable as they appeal to increasingly environmentally conscious customers as well as saving money.”

How can these specialists help local businesses?

Sustainability Advisor Mel says: “From simple advice through to encouraging more complex ambition, we’re offering a wide range of guidance to make it easier for busy local businesses to take real action on their carbon footprints.

“That includes tips for companies to reduce the environmental impact of how they operate and the products they sell, as well as for their staff to work and travel in cleaner and greener ways.

“We can also support eligible businesses to find and access funding to pay for more impactful carbon-cutting measures steps and put them in touch with the borough council’s Rangers to take part in a conservation work party as a fun, team-building day out that nurtures plants and wildlife too.”

What is the team working on right now?

Energy Assessor Glen says: “Given the financial and carbon cost of heating and powering buildings, we’re currently particularly focused on helping businesses to reduce how much energy they use.

“This means giving advice on how companies can save energy to reduce how much they need to buy and use, and we’re also keen to encourage as many businesses as possible to install solar panels to generate their own renewable zero-emission electricity.

“To do this, we’re providing organisations that rent or own buildings with larger roofs with free borough council-commissioned solar reports. These cover how many panels they could have installed, the financial and carbon savings, and funding options like community energy that could see them mounted for free.”

Are there any quick wins?

Sustainability Advisor Claire says: “Going greener doesn’t always mean investing time and money. There are plenty of quick wins for the planet that every company can make.

“To save money and cut carbon from your electricity use, switch off computers and turn off lights when they’re not needed – or swap all your lights for LEDs to make an even bigger impact.

“Printing less and having more online meetings, turning down the heating in unused spaces, encouraging staff that can to walk or cycle to work rather than drive and providing mugs and glasses rather than disposable cups can all also make a big difference.”

Sounds great. Final question – how can businesses get support and find out more?

Sustainability Advisor Beth says: “They can get in touch with us to book an appointment!

“Every business’s individual circumstances are different and, by booking in a discussion with us, we can make sure we give them more tailored support and advice to help them cut carbon.

“Companies can email us at or call us on 01256 845777 to book an appointment.”

Businesses can find out more about the borough council’s Green Team at

January 2024

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