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Tell us about Basingstoke College of Technology

Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT), established in 1947 as the Basingstoke Technical Institute, has evolved into a leading further education institution. Located in Basingstoke, the college boasts a rich history and commitment to providing advanced technical and vocational qualifications, apprenticeships, higher education, professional, and leisure courses. Its expansive offerings cater to students aiming to progress their career, go to university, into employment, or gain an apprenticeship.

Basingstoke College of Technology

Tell us about the distance learning courses available

BCoT's Aspiral Learning team offers a range of free and flexible distance learning courses, allowing individuals to enhance their CVs and showcase a dedication to continuous professional development. Our courses for business include amongst others Certificate in Climate Change and Environmental Awareness, Principles of Team Leading, Business Improvement Techniques and an introduction to Lean Management Techniques, great for employee’s wishing to upskill or fill in skills gaps.

Who are these courses available to? 

To be eligible for these courses at no cost, applicants must meet certain criteria such as being a resident of the European Economic Area for at least three years, undertaking learning within England, and being aged 19 or above. The courses are designed for individuals who want to learn at their own pace, with the flexibility to start at any time. For those aged 19 to 23, a level 2 qualification or equivalent is required.

How long do they take to complete?

The courses take between three and six months to complete, allowing participants to structure their study time according to their schedules. An assigned individual tutor provides support throughout the learning journey, emphasising the personalised and adaptable nature of the program.

How can businesses use them as a training option for staff? 

Businesses can leverage these courses as a valuable training option for staff, demonstrating a commitment to their professional development. The flexibility of the courses accommodates employees' existing work commitments and contributes to their continuous learning, which can positively impact the organisation.

What other training opportunities do you offer that businesses could consider for their staff? 

BCoT offers additional training opportunities for businesses, including Business Apprenticeships, higher education courses and a free recruitment service. These options provide comprehensive solutions for companies looking to use their levy to invest in the skill development and growth of their workforce. We also offer courses like the Level 1 AAT course which starts in February 2024.

How can people find out more? 

To find out more about these opportunities, individuals can apply online or contact Georgie or Charlene at 01256 306374. BCoT's commitment to accessibility is further demonstrated through open days, where interested parties can gather more information and explore the various programs offered by the college.

Our thanks to Georgie  and Charlene from the Aspiral Learning team for this blog. You can follow Aspiral Learning on Facebook here.

January 2024

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