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Did you know Judo is a core sport at the Commonwealth Games? How good was it to see it back – it’s the fourth time at the games, and looks like its here to stay..YAY!   Did you watch and think I could do that?  That looks fun?

Judo is a great basis for any combat sport…. It might not allow punching, striking and kicking of opponents but it includes all the fundamentals of grappling and throwing opponents.

All of this drives individual strength, fitness, flexibility, confidence, power, control as well as self defence.

Many of today’s most successful martial artists have Judo techniques as part of their kit bag.

Why not try the UK’s number one martial art – Judo

Judo Paul of Paul Jones School of Judo has been teaching Judo in Basingstoke for over 20 years, after retiring from competing with the GB Judo team.

The club has produced six national medallists since being founded, and we have a former student currently representing GB Judo today.

If you are looking for a new activity which encompasses both team and individual qualities, Judo is the sport for you.

Classes in Basingstoke are on every Saturday during term time and open to children from the age of five (year 1) through to adults. During the year the club also runs the Southern Schools Judo Championship which is open to other Judo schools/clubs from London and the south of England with typically 120 to 150 Judo players taking part.

Our club is very much a family run club, we pride ourselves on a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. When you join our big family you have the opportunity to learn Judo from our fully trained and experienced coaches, and take the journey as far as you’d like to go.

Classes resume in September, why not sign up to a free taster class (under 18).

Classes are open to all who are new to Judo or those looking to try their Judo skills at a new club, please give us a try!

Just remember you are never too old to try a new sport.

For more information and to book onto a class please visit the website.

See you on the mats!

Judo Paul

Blog supplied by Paul Jones School of Judo. August 2022

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