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Wellness and Craft - why the two together?

Many people are familiar with crafts (and craft markets), but with small businesses and crafters using social media to showcase their work, shopping small and shopping from local crafters is now very accessible. Shopping from sites like Etsy also gives us access to crafters around the UK. So craft is self-explanatory but what about ‘wellness’? 


Wellness, to me, is anything that you do for your own well-being. Taking time to prioritise yourself for physical, mental or emotional benefits. It can look very different for different people, and the options are almost endless. From fitness classes to getting your hair done, having a massage to talking therapies. The key is taking the time out, for you.  

So, the link between the two - as a keen hobby crafter myself and being born into a family of artists in one form another, I know that many people craft for their own well-being. Crafters have told me they craft away their anxieties, it helps them unwind, boosts self-esteem to create something lovely. It can be a very mindful experience and bring you right into that moment, which in our busy lives is sometimes extremely needed. 


Our wellness and craft social media platforms are designed to be a directory of wonderful Basingstoke (and surrounding) based wellness providers, hoping to give readers easy access through to their pages and services. Perhaps you will stumble across something you hadn’t even considered or known about before. It could be the very thing that may help you prioritise your well-being.  


We also showcase and provide information on some of the towns most wonderfully talented crafters and give readers the opportunity to find bespoke, handmade items to purchase. 

And so to our second event - The Wellness and Craft Expo/ Market in September. A 50/50 split between wellness providers and crafters, showcasing some of the best Basingstoke has to offer. The faces behind the wellness businesses will be available with information and knowledge and some will also be giving examples/ tasters of what they do. The crafters will be selling some of their bespoke creations and some will be providing information on up and coming workshops and classes. 


Delicious refreshments available and popular local caterer ‘The Hungry Bear’ will be there. There will be free crafting and facepainting for children. The event is at Lychpit Village Hall on Sunday 17 September from 11am until 4pm. It’s £1 for adult admission (children free!). 

Guest blog from Kelly Dinsey, February 2023, updated September 2023.

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