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The Parlour Tearoom

The Parlour Tearoom

Welcome to the Parlour Tearoom, where every cup tells a story and every moment is steeped in charm. Nestled in the heart of the an old working farm, the quaint tearoom is a haven for tea enthusiasts and those seeking home baked treats in a true homestyle tearoom.

The Parlour Tearoom is more than just a destination as it hosts an array of popular events, workshops and special occasions, alongside its traditional afternoon teas and famous bakes!

The Parlour boasts an extensive collection of teas each selected for its unique flavor profile and quality. From classic black teas to herbal blends, there's a brew to suit every palate.

The ambiance is a blend of quirky and quaint and with vintage furnishings and delicate china creating a timely experience. 

It's not just about tea; it's about creating a space for meaningful conversations, solo reflections, or catching up with friends. The Parlour Tearoom also boasts a delectable menu of, sandwiches, toasties, light lunches and homemade bakes that perfectly complement the tea experience.

Newly introduced the Parlour has adopted a creative flair for scone creating. "The Game of Scones" where every month a new scone flavour is created and introduced for that one month only. Visit and try as many flavours as you can and complete the game of scones for your chance to enjoy afternoon tea on the house. Its a win win situation for all!

Whether you're a seasoned tea connoisseur or a casual sipper, the Parlour Tearoom invites you to savor the simple joys of life, one cup at a time of course with a side of something sweet!