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Beyond the vibrant town centre of Basingstoke you’ll find the towns of Tadley and Whitchurch along with charming villages, bustling suburbs with convenient amenities, and countryside. Basingstoke and Deane has a place to call your own.

Basingstoke town centre

Basingstoke town centre offers the perfect location for young professionals and commuters who are looking for proximity to travel options but also has plenty to offer families.

Life in Basingstoke town centre

Outer Suburbs

If you are looking for a home just outside of Basingstoke town centre then there are plenty of options which still give good access to the motorway and ring road.

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Chineham Shopping

Towns and villages

The towns and villages surrounding Basingtoke offer the best of both worlds.

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Rural Communities

When thinking about Basingstoke and Deane you may be surprised to find out there are many rural villages.

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