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Wholesale, Retail and Leisure services

The story so far...

The Wholesale, Retail and Leisure sector forms one of Basingstoke’s largest sector, both in terms of revenue and GVA generated but also for the amount of individuals employed within this sector. The economic performance of this sector stands exceptionally high within the borough, seeing a 2019 GVA figure of £1.2billion which works out to be 21.8% of the borough's total economy. The importance of this sector can be reinforced with employment figures, as it is estimated that 15,600 people are employed by the companies that populate this sector.

Retail opportunities within Basingstoke are highlighted by the 1.1 million sq. ft shopping centre known as Festival Place which hosts approximately 140 stores. Adjacent to Festival Place is The Malls which hosts a 300,000 sq. ft mixed-use shopping centre, which also boasts a range of international brands within its stores. Basingstoke Leisure Park sits on a 60-acre plot and features activities ranging from an indoor skydiving centre to an pitch and putt golf centre.

Where are we now?

  • 2,753 companies in the sector based in the borough (Q2, 2022)
  • 15,600 jobs (2021)
  • 17% borough workers are employed in the sector

Harnessing our talent

For many companies, the talent pool is an important factor in their choice of location. Basingstoke is a place where great ideas are shaping things to come. A large population combined with a variety of opportunities within this sector make Basingstoke an appealing place for companies to invest in and for people to work in.

Our competitive advantage:

  • From home-grown businesses to multinationals, the sector employs a whopping 15,600 people making it one of the boroughs largest employers, with figures 13% above the national average.
  • £532m in revenue generated from sales proves the Basingstoke workforce has the productive capacity needed for businesses to thrive in the borough.
  • Access to talent at trainee, graduate and post-graduate level, for student placements, work experience, projects, R&D and recruitment.

How we can help

The Economic Development team can save your business time, money and effort by utilising our expert knowledge of the area. We can help you with:

  • your property search
  • recruitment and training
  • making introductions to the business community
  • connecting your business to growth support
  • co-ordinating with our internal teams to make your move as smooth as possible
  • promotion following your move to Basingstoke.

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