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Love Basingstoke speaks to local business, Natures Cup

Manufactured in the heart of Hampshire from biodegradable and compostable paper and inks, Natures Cup will fully compost in an industrial composting facility. Paper used in the manufacture is sourced from sustainably managed forestry and is FSC or PEFC accredited. They employ local people and use local experts for the print, design and all the other aspects of the business.

They have cups available to order off the shelf or they can produce cups with a company’s own design within a few weeks from sign off.

Natures Cup is a Qualitasse Group Company.

Tell us why you chose to locate your business in Basingstoke

Since 1984 Qualitasse have been based in and around Basingstoke for the road connections to the south east and west. The great diversity of businesses and social infrastructure makes finding the correct people to do business with and to help be within our business, which makes running Qualitasse much easier.

What are you trying to achieve with Natures Cup?

Qualitasse have been trying for some time to make our products and our services much greener going forward. With the introduction of our new cup making machine we are proud to offer the only paper cups produced in the south of England, making our product's carbon footprint the lowest of any manufacturer. Coupled with the artisan nature of our cups (small batch, hand checked and packed and with a heavy weight, high quality paper) we offer a fabulous product and as eco friendly as we can.

What types of businesses do you work with? 

We have found, as we have with our coffee business, that all sizes of businesses are looking for a greener option particularly for their takeaway cups. From a coffee shop to multinational or a school open day event to the NAAFI, wherever people work, play or congregate a Basingstoke produced “Natures cup” can be used.

What would you say if you were recommending Basingstoke to other businesses?

Basingstoke is changing and evolving every day to be a bigger and bolder place to work and live and if we had to start again from scratch we would without doubt base ourselves in the pearl of Hampshire - Basingstoke. 

What is exciting about the future of Natures Cup?

Presently we are producing our Natures Cups in 12oz only, however, at the end of May we are introducing 8 fluid oz and 16 fluid oz cups. With the acquisition of a new machine next year we will also be producing our own bio lids (we buy these in at the moment). Please ask us for some samples to see the differences in our new cup shape and gloss costings.

Find out more about Natures Cup on their website or give them a call on 01256 300 050.

April 2023

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