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Digital Tech

The story so far...

The Digital sector in Basingstoke has been classed as one of the local economy’s priority sectors due to its high density and economic output that has earned Basingstoke the nickname by some as the “Silicon Suburb”. The borough, which was ranked as 4th highest UK location for investment in digital tech companies, saw £425m invested in the Cyber sector between 2015 and 2018, a figure ahead of Sheffield, Oxford and Cardiff domestically and level with Prague, Strasbourg and San Jose internationally. Basingstoke has continually proved to be a hotbed for businesses in the digital industries sector, with 35 enterprises reporting high growth in 2020.

The digital sector has continued to thrive in Basingstoke and Deane with a total GVA of £348,980,317 being generated in 2019 with an average location quotient for digital industries in the borough sitting at 2.83, meaning that digital firms are found in Basingstoke at almost three times the national average. Investments into the sector, such as the 5G eco system project in Basing View, provide Basingstoke the opportunity to facilitate the growth and development of the sector. The promotion of technical advancement appeals to businesses both currently in the borough and those looking to invest.

The LGA’s report into Local Tech Jobs within the borough reveals that an estimated 9,168 individuals were employed under the Tech specialist category in 2020. This figure stands out amongst all other local authorities as Basingstoke ranked number 1 in this category, 990 jobs higher than South Cambridge which ranked in second place.

Where are we now?

  • 1,155 companies in the sector based in the borough (Q2, 2022)
  • 8,141 jobs (2021)
  • 9.8% borough workers are employed in the sector
  • Cyber security, software development, telecommunications and data processing are areas of strength.

Harnessing our talent

For many companies, the talent pool is an important factor in their choice of location. Basingstoke is a place where great ideas are shaping things to come. With incubator support developing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow right here and access to thousands of high-tech companies within the M3 sci-tech corridor, digital-tech is our future.

Our competitive advantage:

  • A healthy mix of homegrown businesses and multi-nationals, from hardware distributors and software developers, to digital storage and trust & security, firms are already here, employing 8,141 people.
  • Supporting the development of the next generation 5G - our 5G emulator is helping companies to test new technologies and products against 5G.
  • Home to the Google Developer Group for Surrey and Hampshire.
  • The largest number of jobs by any local authority across the country as of 2020 with projections to grow over 1600 jobs by 2030.
  • Access to talent at trainee, graduate and post graduate level, for student placements, work experience, projects, R&D and recruitment.

How we can help

The Economic Development team can save your business time, money and effort by utilising our expert knowledge of the area. We can help you with:

  • Your property search.
  • Recruitment and training.
  • Introductions to our business community.
  • Connecting your business to growth support.
  • Co-ordinating with our internal teams to make your move as smooth as possible.
  • Promotion following your move to Basingstoke.

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